How to Workout (Even When You Don’t Want To)

We all have days (let’s be honest, weeks, months, and years) that we don’t feel like working out. We wake up tired, we are too busy, the couch is more comfortable, there’s work to be done, the excuses can go on for awhile. Before we know it, we’ve gained the freshman, now the quarantine, fifteen.

I was talking to a girl in high school the other day. She was talking about how she eats chips all the time. I remember having a metabolism like that. It was bliss. I also have a MAJOR sweet tooth, which was fine when I was younger. Now, I have to practice self control…. That is really hard when my roommate bakes the best chocolate cake EVER. Not gonna lie, I think I could eat the whole thing in one sitting.

There are three kinds of people, people who enjoy working out, people who are disciplined in working out, and people who mean to work out. Overall, I’m more in the disciplined category but I definitely have my days (ok, weeks) where I don’t want to.

So, why workout?

Working out has many benefits. It helps with sleep, focus, eating habits, building muscles, losing weight, and so much more.

Think of exercise as an investment in your health. Even if you place only a dollar in your savings every day, that is better than not placing any money in your savings at all, right?

So, how do I workout when I don’t feel like it?

I set myself up for success.

I have a few different ways, depending on the weather and how busy the day is.

One way is by changing from my PJ’s to my workout clothes first thing in the morning. If I have some work to do, I will knock some out and drink my coffee until I can’t focus or get antsy. Then, I’ll go for a walk, a run, or to them gym, depending on my time.

If I am feeling more tired, or as if I don’t have the energy, I will work for awhile and then take a lap around my apartment complex. I will do this a few different times throughout the day. If I only get one walk in, it is still better than no walk at all!

Just like placing a dollar in your savings, every little bit counts!

If I go into the office, I bring my workout gear, including pre-workout, and make sure I change clothes right after work, this way I have no excuses. (For awhile, I told myself that I would workout at my apartment’s gym after work. I never made it past the couch when I did that. )

I also have specific playlists on Spotify that I workout to. When in doubt, I start listening to one of those playlists and I soon have the energy to workout.

Find what works for you and set yourself up for success! You will always regret sitting around but you will never regret working out.

Here are some of my favorite products that help motivate me to workout:

This has been my favorite pre-workout. It has more natural ingredients than many of the other brands. It gives an extra boost of energy, without the jitters or heart racing. If you are looking for one to try, I would recommend this one. The flavor is also great!

This has been my favorite whey protein powder. Protein powder helps to repair muscles after working out. There are other types of protein powders that are available, if you have any dietary restrictions, but I have found whey protein is my favorite.

This flavor is also delicious!

I’m sure you have seen these before but they are great for pre-workout and protein shakes! For pre-workout, most of them are a little fizzy, so it needs to be stirred, not shaken. For protein shakes, it helps to add your liquid (milk or water) then your protein powder, to help mix fully.

Brooks are my, as well as many others, favorite running shoes. I have been running in them the past five years and have had a few different pairs. I have high arched feet and these provide great support. I prefer the “Ghost” style Brooks shoe. For running shoes, make sure to buy a half size up. While running, your shoes need space for your toes to spread when you plant you foot. If you don’t allow for this, it will result in knee and back problems.

Some people can workout without music. I cannot. Music is another motivator for me. These have been my favorite wireless earbuds to workout in.

I cannot stand holding anything while I am running, so this has been my favorite armband. This armband can hold my Iphone 11 with the case and has a zipper pocket for my apartment key. It also has a pocket for a credit card.

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