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Welcome to the disclosure policy! The “super fun” part of blogging.

This is my personal blog. I write and edit. I add pictures and links. I am using this as a platform to share my discoveries and inspirations with my readers (that’s you! <3).

I am compensated through Amazon’s Associate program. I receive a percentage or dollar amount if the link in my blog posts are used to purchase an item or subscription. These links and banners are created by Amazon. I am also an affiliate of SkimLinks and AdSense.

There are referral links within posts. Through these links, I may or may not be compensated for sharing about programs, websites, apps, and more. Compensation could include money, gift cards, points, or freebies.

I am not a professional or expert. What I share is through my experience and findings. By explaining how I earn money through various side jobs, this is not a guarantee that the reader will earn the same amount or any amount of money through using the same strategies.

This disclosure policy was written with the help of http://www.disclosurepolicy.org! If you need help, check them out as well!

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