Gadgets for working remotely

Gadgets You Need To Work Remote

Most of us are working at home right now. Most of us will continue working remotely for awhile. It is amazing the different tools and gadgets that are helpful while working from home!

Focus- Time Management app

If you struggle focusing during the work day, try this app to assist in time management! This is even compatible with Apple Watch.

A Lap Desk:

Most already have this but if you don’t- a wireless mouse

A wall calendar-

A Cable clip organizer- if you have a lot of wires that drive you crazy, this will help!

These Velcro strips will also help with storing cables-

This is just something I stumbled across but if you want a functional souvenir for this year-

I hope these help you while you are working remotely or working from home. Let me know if you already have these or what you think of these items!

Share in the comments what you have found most helpful to work at home during this time!

Here are some other items that you might need:

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