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Here’s What To Do When You Have A Bad Day

I know I am not the only one to have bad days. Sometimes it is a bad day at work, a conflict with someone I care about, or some days I just wake up in a bad mood. During these day it’s hard to have a productive day, I tend to turn on the TV and mentally checkout. This is the easiest thing to do but it’s not the best way I could spend my time, and definitely not what I need on those days.
Here are some ways that I have found help and that I would recommend to try!
  1. Think of someone that you can do something for: is there someone you know of that is also having a hard day? How can you help make their day better? Is there a volunteer opportunity you can sign up for?
  2. Write a letter to a friend you haven’t talked to in awhile: everyone loves receiving letters in the mail
  3. Go for a walk or run outside: Vitamin D and fresh air also does everyone some good
  4. Light a candle, make a warm drink, and pick up a good book: if anxiety is causing a bad day, these comforting items can help
  5. Turn on music and finish that project you finished or start a craft: We all have at least one project that has been left unfinished, try to finish it, completion always makes us feel productive and gives us a feeling of purpose. Crafts can also help boost your mood by distracting or expressing your mind in a creative way.
  6. Call a friend or family member: Have you caught up with a college friend or a friend that has moved or have you talked to your mom, dad, brother, sister, or grandparent in awhile? It might help your day to catch up with someone you love.
  7. Buy an indoor plant: maybe a succulent or two, some flowers, or a vegetable plant?
  8. Buy a piece of furniture from a thrift store to refurbish: this can be a fun pass time and could even turn into a side hustle!
  9. Get some friends together for a picnic
  10. Watch a comedian: laughing can be a great way to brighten your mood

If any of these have helped you or if you have suggestions for others, leave a comment down below!

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