What To Do During Quarantine

Many of us are hitting (or have already hit) our breaking points. We are ready for our lives to be “normal” again, wanting to see our friends, family, and co-workers again. We want to go to church, the movies, gyms, the mall, and our offices.

I have been daydreaming of living in Hawaii, surfing the waves, going to the local farmers market, beautifully sunny and warm weather. I live in the south and I joke that I am still too far north because I am always cold. It’s unusually cold for our spring here and is going to be in freezing temperatures this weekend…. (I know I shouldn’t complain because it is still snowing in some places, but still…)

Maybe you are more of an extrovert have been daydreaming of what life was like before quarantine when you saw and interacted with people everyday and you had a schedule full of events. Maybe you are more of an introvert and you have been thriving because all of your plans have been cancelled for you.

I have had a mixture of both. I believe that I am half introverted and half extroverted, an ambivert, some would argue. (Although, some others would argue that you can’t be an ambivert.) Anywho, the first few weeks were a breath of fresh air. My introverted side was ecstatic that I had no plans and an abundance of time. That has started to fade. I miss seeing my friends and the freedom that existed before the quarantine. (I am also tired of everyone only speaking of COV-ID, “The Rona,” “Corona,” “the new normal,” well you get it….)

This has been an unusual time but it has also allowed time to breathe, and invest in hobbies and relationships we haven’t had time for or haven’t made time for. Here is what I have been doing with my time:


I have a bookshelf that is filled with discounted books from Mckays. I love books and I love to read, I just tend to buy more books than I read… I decided to try to read as many as I can and then I will sell them all back to Mckays at the end of quarantine. Which leads to my next time-filler.

What books have you been meaning to make time for?


To some, this is a nightmare to do, others, this is exhilarating. The latter describes me. My roommate and I watched “The Minimalists” documentary on Netflix, knowing that we would both be inspired to go through our belongings. I do not know where I kept all of it but I now have five bags of clothes sitting in the back of my car waiting to be taken to sell or to Goodwill. There is actually space in my closet now! My roommate jokes that she blacked out through all of it because she has no idea what she placed in those bags.

Do you have an excessive amount of clothes, shoes, dvds, books, or areas that could use decluttering?


I have been painting with acrylics and oil paints since middle school. Bob Ross videos were on Youtube before they were on Netflix, he taught me how to paint “happy little trees.” I haven’t picked up one of those paint brushes in about two years. I broke out my easel, my old paints, and a few canvases. I haven’t felt more myself than when I was painting in a long time. My roommates and I have also been using my watercolor set that I bought when I was college.

Have you tried watercolor before? The supplies are not expensive and there are many tutorials on Youtube. Try your hand at it! It can be very calming. Who knows, maybe this could start your new etsy shop?


The gyms are just starting to open up again. Woohoo! As I mentioned above, I have taken advantage of working from home by going for walks throughout the day to break up my work hours. This has definitely been a huge part of keeping my sanity throughout this season.

Try going for a walk or at least sitting out in the sunshine during lunch. Sunlight does a wealth of good for our physical and mental health.

Reading and Praying

Having my mornings at home have been amazing. I wake up, brew a cup of coffee (or two), and sit down with my bible and journal. This is honestly what has given me hope and joy amidst these difficult times. It has been a reminder that I have no control in what happens around me and also how much fear controls my life.

By having time in the morning to read my Bible and pray, my outlook on life and on current circumstances has been centered around the Lord. I am able to process what I am feeling and thinking, lay my worries and fears at the feet of Jesus, pray for those affected by the virus, and guidance for what to do today. Reading my Bible has reminded me of truths during this season of unkowns and that, despite not understanding why this is all happening, God is still good and present. He is my hope and my salvation. He has reminded me to rely on Him for provisions and to only focus on today, tomorrow will have troubles of its own.

We cannot carry the weight of the world on our shoulders. We have no idea what tomorrow may hold. So, we can trust in the One who does.

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