Why I Stopped Washing My Face Everday!

I know, some of you probably just gasped at the title and took a look at this post because you are appalled.

Let me start with that I am not a dermatologist or an expert of any sort, this is just my experience. This is not for everyone. I do not struggle with cystic acne and have minimal breakouts. My skin pitfall is rosacea. No one really knows exactly what it is and no one has a treatment that actually works for it. Many products claim to “soothe” or “calm” rosacea, which can be true, I do use some of these products but this is what I have found to help the most so far. Mostly, it is just a guessing game of what will work for each individual person. Rosacea is pretty much dry spots that are easily irritated.

Like many others during this quarantine season, my hygiene has not been as it was normally. I was washing my face twice a day, morning and night. I had a skincare routine and everything. Over the course of the past few weeks, this has fallen to the wayside. For one, I have not worn any makeup, which has been amazing! I also just became a little a lazy. Now, I splash my face with some water in the morning and wash my face when I shower. My face has been able to use its natural oils to keep my skin hydrated, instead of stripping my skin of its oil and replacing it with something artificial twice a day.

Since trying this, I have noticed that my face it not as irritated as it used to be and my skin has also had less breakouts!

I do not normally wear face makeup, usually just mascara, so this might be harder to try if you do wear a full face of makeup. During this time of quarantine though, you might have some time to try it and see if it works for you!

Let me know what you find or what skin care routine works for you!

Here are some products that I have found help soothe my rosacea:

  1. As of February, I use Monat’s Gentle Skin Care Collection. I am a partner with Monat, so it you have any questions about it, contact me! I love it because they use natural ingredients. I have also noticed the has helped my rosacea more than the other products.
  2. These are some products you can find at most stores:

I love this product because it has sunscreen it it, which is a huge part of helping ease rosacea!

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