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Are you tired of throwing money at feminine products? I was too. And all of waste that the products produce? So much waste. How about having to go to the bathroom at least every four to six hours? Inconvenient. Or worrying about “Toxic Shock Syndrome?” It is bad enough what we experience physically but then we have to worry about the effects of how try can control it. What was one of the worst worries, other then having to find a new pair of pants when you realized you bled through, is when the string hangs out of your swim suit. Talk about embarrassing.

One day, I looked up alternatives and I came across a menstrual cup (I know, I don’t like those words either). But this has been a GAME CHANGER. I use the “Diva Cup” and I love it. I have never bled through. I don’t have to where liners. I can wear it and change it every twelve hours, yeah, that’s right, TWELVE HOURS. I do not worry about “Toxic Shock Syndrome” or having a string hang out. I can run, jump, swim, hike, camp, and I don’t feel it at all. Some claim that they help with cramps too, I have not noticed a difference, but who knows, maybe it will for you!

Many of my friends have converted to this new method. Most, if not all, were hesitant at first but all of them are thankful they switched. It saves you money and time, and you are helping save the planet!

Now, I know what you all are thinking, so what does this actually look like. Don’t worry, I won’t make this more uncomfortable than it already is but you will definitely be more comfortable with yourself when you switch. It takes some adjusting learning how to insert and remove the cup. The box explains different ways to fold the cup to insert it and how to remove it. I recommend doing this in the shower. The cup is easier to insert if it is wet. Make sure to boil the cup, as it says on the box, before your first use, and periodically to keep it clean. Wash your hands before handling the cup to protect your body.

This probably seems a little overwhelming, daunting, and too unknown right now but take the leap!

This is the one that I use!

If I haven’t convinced you yet, here are a few more reasons to try it:

-It is leak proof! Like I said, I don’t wear liners anymore! Woohoo! I can usually tell when I need to clean it out and you will be able to as well.

Traveling is so much easier. You do not have to worry about bringing all of the products, whether you think you are going to start your period or you already have. One little bag, like little bag, is all you need to pack.

-If you know you are going to start your period that day, you can go ahead and wear the cup before you start because no more worries about TSS!

You can wear it through the night!! This was one of the best changes with the cup. Mornings are so much easier and I am not waking up every few hours worried about my sheets.

-If you like backpacking and camping like me, this is just what you need! I was going to be backpacking in the smoky mountains while on my period. You have to carry all of your trash out. That would have been so gross if I had to carry all of my used products out! So I took the jump two days before I left, bought the cup, and haven’t looked back.

Trust me, buy the cup and try it. It does take some adjusting but you won’t regret it once you do.

Let me know if you take the leap and what you think! If you are still hesitant, let me know why and maybe I can address your concern!

There are different size cups, so please read the description to find the one that best fits you!

This is the one that I use!

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